Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

We all ventured to Winchester, TN with Chris this past weekend! He had to work and we decided to go with check out the town. They were having their annual Dogwood Festival. We had a grea time!

We had a great time at the festival! Once we were done with our funnel cakes and petting zoo...we got a little silly! We had a great time making silly faces and the boys became "TP Ninjas"!

Last but not least, our sweet Tucker is starting to try to talk/sing more! This video just melts my heart.

May 2010

May has been a VERY crazy month for us! First, Cooper has started his swim lessons and has been doing AMAZING! We are so proud of how far he has come. Tucker and Cooper think that the goggles are the coolest things ever, so they where them all the time! The pic of them with them on is one of my favorites!

My parents came up for a week and we had a great visit! We got to enjoy some wonderful family time and get to listen to some great live music.

Nashvile unfortunately suffered from devastating floods!! Many people lost all of their belongings and their homes. We were so lucky that we didn't have any flooding or damage! We are SO thankful. Here are some pics of how bad it really was. If you look close at the picture with the horse, that is a barn in the background. The water was almost to the very top of the roof. The other pic is of my bank!

April 2010

Easter was so wonderful! We traveled to St. Louis to spend the holiday with Chris' brother Jimmy and his family. My in-laws were able to come up too. The kids had the best time.....but we were so busy I forgot to take pics! LOL....this is the best I have. Ha!

The weather has been so BEAUTIFUL here that we have had many days of playing at the park. The boys are too cute! They are really starting to play well together and becoming such little buddies.

March 2010

We have been MIA for so long! I have tons to update you with. So...pardon the GAZILLION updates tonight! In March we were fortunate enough to visit our best buddies, The Egans, in South Bend! It had been a few months since the boys got to see eachother, so it was so much fun! They of course picked up right where they had left off. I don't think Jen and I stopped talking the entire time I was there! We are counting down the days til we can see our "family" again!