Saturday, December 18, 2010

A trade off.....Your Don'ts for your Do's!

I have a blog that I read called 320 Sycamore. If you guys don't read it, you really should. I love that Melissa is so honest and creative! She had a post about how she trades her do's for her don'ts. I loved the post and thought I would do my version of it!

As a daughter, sister, friend, mom, wife, etc.....there is just too many hats to wear! Do you ever feel like you cross off one thing on your to do list, just to add 3 more things to the list!!!!!!! Yikes, it is never ending and I feel like there is ALWAYS something to do! But, one thing I have started to learn (maybe I am becoming wiser as I get older) is that you have to trade your DONT'S to get your DO'S accomplished! Everyone has a different list of don'ts and do's! There are many many many things I choose not to do in order to get to my do's! Here are some of my trade offs (don't judge by the pictures you are about to see):

  • I DON'T sew (not a lick...not even a button...hoping to learn someday), but I DO talk with my friends and family on a regular basis.

  • I DON'T (rarely) ever make food from scratch, but I DO have a weekly family game night that we ALL look forward to.

  • I DON'T scrub my bathroom or floors as much as I should (sometimes I even stick to my floor..YUCK), but we DO have family picnics often.

  • I DON'T iron my clothes (I either don't buy the kind that require ironing or I throw them in the dryer to try to get the wrinkles out), but I DO read to my kids everyday.

  • I DON'T have a clean car (I think some of my kids afternoon snacks consist of Cherrios or Goldfish that were found in their carseat), but I DO try to get in a good 5 min cuddle (AT LEAST) with each of my kids a day.

  • I DON'T dust often enough (sometimes when you walk by the dust bunnies, they are big enough to actually chase after you), but I DO go to the park or zoo as often as I can.

  • I DON'T fix my hair (usually in a pony tail) or wear much makeup, but I DO craft often with my kids.

My children have helped me to realize that my DON'TS just aren't that important. I know that they will be so grown up so soon, that I am trying to be present in EVERYDAY! I might need reminders here and there, but I am really trying to soak it up.

Things get done when they need to, which is usually before guests come over. HA! My Do's out weigh my don'ts by a mile. My Do's are what make me happy and give my kids great memories!

What are your don'ts so you can have your Do's?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Pics

Recently I had a friend of mine take pics for our family and LOVE how they turned out! I was feeling like the worst mother EVER because it had been 2 years since our last family portrait! Which doesn't sound that terrible, until you realize that Tucker is 2! HA! He was 3 weeks old in our last family photo. To say he has changed is a huge understatement! Here are a few of my favs! Enjoy!