Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Videos......they speak for themselves! So cute

We are SO proud to announce that Tuck took his first steps today......on his 15 month birthday! We are so excited and can't believe how far he has come!!!! YEAH Tuck!

Tuck is starting to try and say some words. Some of them are much easier to make out then others. I think I try to turn them into something that they remotely sound like. LOL!

Thankfully Tucker is still small enough to fit into our kitchen sink. I think he looks so cute in here! I never want him to grow up!

Until our next funny adventure,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bed head and snow!

Tuck's hair is starting to get pretty crazy. It is very thin and whispy, so in the mornings it is SO funny! All over the place. Take a look for yourself.

  • He will probably kill me for this when he is 15, but I thought it was hilarious!

    It has snowed here for the past couple of days. Roads are very icy, so we have been on house arrest! We are all getting a little stir crazy, but we did have some fun in the Winter Wonderland. Tuck wasn't too sure about the cold on his hands, but Coop and I had a great time throwing snowballs at eachother!

Latest Cooper Funny Moments:

Cooper is very infatuated with his penis lately (hope I am not offending anyone, just too funny to pass up posting). He is constantly naked playing with himself. So one day I asked him, "Why do you do that?". His response was "Because God made hands". It was so matter of fact and he seemed shocked that I didn't know this. VERY funny!

Cooper and I were sitting in front of the tv the other day. He looked at me and asked. "Mom, do you know how to say ravioli in Spanish?". I thought, wow, he is really learning a lot from watching Dora and Diego. I said, "No ,Coop, I don't know how to say that. How do you say ravioli in Spanish?". He says "Chef Boyardee!". I was laughing SO hard! Don't have a clue where he learned that, but he had me rolling!

Until the next funny thing happens,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I know.....I know.....I set these every year and they end up getting broken! Some right away and others I make a valiant effort and then eventually succumb to giving in. For some reason, this year feels different. I don't know if it is because I am another year older (and MUCH more mature LOL) or I am realizing that the older I get, the faster time seems to go. So I don't want to waste another moment! Carpe Diem! So, with that said, here is my 2010 list:

  • Give more to my church
  • Have more patience with my children (not only am I getting older...but they are too in just a blink of an eye)
  • Get back to our roots of date night at LEAST once a month...hopefully more
  • Doing things right away. I have a big problem with "doing things later". Later just never seems to come.
  • Eating healthier! Both for me and my children. The quick fixes are SO easy, but not necessarily the healthiest.
  • Letting people know I am thinking about them (making phone calls and writing little notes)
  • Being more organized....and MAINTAINING it! I feel like I am forever organizing, but that I am continuously doing the same thing, AGAIN AND AGAIN!
  • Get back into hobbies (running, reading, etc) and trying new ones. I just signed up for a sewing class and I am really looking forward to it!
  • Cooking a new recipe once a week. Got any good ones?

I know...the list is crazy long. Might not be realistic, but I am going to give it a try!

What are your resolutions? Maybe I can get ideas from you to add to mine! Ha Ha Ha!

Until next time,


Friday, January 1, 2010

Cooking up a Storm......or Mess!

The boys had some fun the other day....pretending to cook. They love "cooking" things up and pretending to eat it! It is great fun.....but what a mess! Check them out!

Until next time,


Projects and Coop's Camera Skills

I did a few projects in December. A friend of mine had a baby and they named her Anna. They didn't know they were having a little girl, so when she arrived, they didn't have many decorations for her room. So, I decided I would try and paint a pic with her name on it to hang in her room.
Cooper and I made some initial ornaments for some friends of ours as Christmas gifts (Thanks Kelly from Kelly's Korner. Such great ideas). We had a great time making them!


Cooper decided that he wanted to use our camera and take some pics. He actually is pretty good with the lens. So I gave him our camera and let him take some shots. This is one that he came back with....that left us in stitches!

I don't think I need a reminder of what Mazzy's (our black lab) butt looks like! Thanks Cooper!

Until our next funny moment,

Bubble Bath

Bathtime is definitely one of the boys favorte times, especially when we involve lots and lots of bubbles. Tucker didn't particularly like the taste of the bubbles.....Cooper thought he was Santa! Sometimes I wonder if more water is on the floor than in the bathtub!
Still lots of fun times though!
Can't wait for the next laugh,

Funny Pic

Cooper asked me the other day to draw a pic of mommy and daddy. I am not a good artists at I drew stick figures. I gave the Doodler back to Cooper and he said, "Good Job, Mommy. But you were missing one thing." Then he drew something on the Doodler and handed it back to me. Cooper then said, "You forgot to draw boobies on I did it for you." Hilarious...I love the placement of both of them and that he thought daddy needed boobs. Not really sure what Chris thinks about his man boobs!

Cooper always seems to know how to make me laugh. I love it!

Until later,


In need of a camera

We decided we were going to head over to Opryland Hotel to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations. The boys were enjoying all the amazing decorations that hung from the ceiling (hence the pic of Tucker looking up) until disaster hit. If you look in the picture of Cooper and I, you can see the railing behind us. We hadn't been at the hotel but 25 minutes and Cooper already found trouble.....or it found him. He got his head stuck in that railing! I had a horrible mom minute (I promise it only lasted for a few seconds), but I contemplated getting a picture of it. He was panicking (hate to admit that it was pretty hilarious) so I felt bad about taking his pic. Thankfully Chris was able to finagle his head back out of the railing. I think he learned a very quick lesson. Shortly after Cooper's fiasco, we saw this jolly man!

He sure did bring a smile to Cooper's face! What a way to end a day.....with Santa!

Until our next crazy thing happens,

Lots and Lots of.........

catching up to do! Happy Happy New Year! Even though it is 2010, I have tons that I need to post about that happened in 2009. The holidays got me SO behind....I need to catch you up to speed. So please forgive me for my random thoughts. I have tons of them flowing! While we were in Texas, we got to see some very dear friends! All of these people and their kids are SO important to our family! We had the best time catching up with everyone. I have been friends with Erin and Jen since middle school! Crazy that we still talk as often as we do...just like old times. The super cute redhead that Tucker is hugging to death is my adorable Godson, Sawyer! It was so wonderful to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Cooper was so thrilled to see his best buddy Jack. They had the best time playing around and being boys! Boys To Men said it best...."It's so harrrddddd, to saaayyyyy yesterdayyyyyyy"! Definitely didn't want to say goodbye to anyone.

These moms have meant so much to me growing up also! My mom is on the far bestest friend in the ENTIRE world! Mrs. Cosgrove in the middle, my sweet friend Erin's mom, is one of the kindest people I know. Cindy, on the right, is like another mother to me. She is my dear friend , Jen's mom, and she lived here in Nashville with us for a while. It was so nice having her here with us. She took good care of us and was such a great "Cici" to my boys! We love all of you dearly and you will ALWAYS be a part of our lives!

I have tons more to catch you up on, but have to organize those thoughts. So please forgive me for the many many posts today!

Until next time,