Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Squeaky Clean

One of the boys' favorite past times is being in the bath tub. They would stay in there all day if I let them. They are really getting to an age where they play so cute together. They love to splash one another, except if Cooper gets water in his eyes......he goes into histeria. Tucker of course thinks it is hilarious when Coop is crying.....which in turn puts me into stitches.

They really are such great buddies! Their faces light up the instant the other walks into a room. Tucker can't wait to get Coop picked up from school. He squeals with delight as soon as we walk into his classroom! They really are such little miracles and give me so much joy......on some occasions they have been known to give me a heartattack.....but when it is all said and done.....they are MY ANGELS!

The latest funny Cooper moment:

We had just loaded up our car with the groceries and were taking our cart back. Having both kids with me...I never seem to do anything quick. So I was of course taking my time returning the cart and getting them out. Unbeknownst to me, a sweet elderly man was patiently waiting behind me. When I saw him I said "Oh, excuse us!" Cooper is in a phase where he likes to mimic everything you say or do. So he misunderstood what I said and looks at the man and says, "OH JESUS"! I don't think the man heard what Cooper said, but I got my daily giggles from Coop!

Until next time,


Saturday, November 28, 2009


As many of you know, Cooper keeps us on our toes at all times....and says/does such hilarious things! We have nick named him "Larry". This name came about because he can now spell. So whenever Chris and I were talking about him and didn't want him to know we were talking about him, we would spell his name. We would say....."Guess what C-O-O-P-E-R did today?". Now that he can spell, he would quite often ask us...."Hey, why did you spell my name?" or "Why are you guys talking about me?". Since then we have now labeled him "Larry" and Tucker is "Wilbur", so now we can freely talk about them without either of them least not yet!

Coop likes to dress up quite often....a few times a day. These 3 are my favorites lately! Tonight Coop needed to use the bathroom. Lately, when he needs to do "serious" business he ends up totally naked! Maybe it helps...who knows? Anywho, when he came out of the bathroom, he came to find me and Chris...wearing this. His rescue hero vest, circus hat, and turkey headband! Nothing else on underneath it saying he was "Mr. Turkey". Chris and I were roaring from laughing so hard! Here are a few other funny moments from Cooper Baron:

  • Daddy, who's phone number is this (holding up the cell phone with lots of pressed numbers on the face). Chris says, "I think it is Santa's secretary, Cooper". Coop's response was, "Santa's CEMETARY?"

  • At dinner one night, Coop dropped a piece of corn on his shirt. I said, "Cooper, you dropped some corn on your shirt." Cooper says, "I know, Mommy. I am saving it for later".

  • "Hey Mommy, do you know what the word cracker starts with"? "Yes, Cooper, it starts with the letter C". Cooper replied, "No it doesn't, Mommy. It starts with Cra-......just like CRAP".

There are many more that I am forgetting, so I will be sure to post more later! What are some funny moments that your kids have said/done?

Until the next crazy thing in life happens,


Monday, November 23, 2009

Brotherly Love

My 2 most favorite little boys....having some fun together and loving on each other! Gotta love it!

Turkeys and Doctors

Coop had such a fun day at school today. It was their Thanksgiving Day Feast (party). We were in charge of bringing the treats. He was so proud of the Turkey cookies he made for the party. It was a lot of fun. My first attempt at making the cookies didn't turn out so great! As Cooper put it "Mommy, THAT doesn't look anything like a Turkey"! Ha....thanks Cooper. So.....I tied on my apron and began to perfect my Turkey Cookie making skills. By our 3rd cookie, Cooper showed me the way.....and gave me his stamp of approval.

Poor Tuck is sick...AGAIN! We are on this perpetual hampster wheel of sickness it seems. He woke up this morning with 103.1 temp. YIKES....he was on fire. So I took him to the doctor and thankfully he tested negative for everything. So..he has some yucky virus that has to just run it's course. This pic of him says it all....PATHETIC!

Will write again soon,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make Like a Tree........and LEAVE!!!

Leaves, Leaves.....all around us!!!! Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love the colors, the smells, of course the FOOD, and the time for giving. We recently put all our leaves in a pile and went HOG WILD. This was Tuck's first to experience this outdoor fiesta....he had the best time ever!!! They were so busy covering each other up and throwing the leaves all over. Even the dog enjoyed running through the pile a couple of times.
Daddy couldn't resist the fun and had to enjoy it himself. Who would have EVER thought that a pile of dried up leaves would entertain a family for hours? I am SO thankful for my husband and my children. They help me realize all the little things in my life and to make sure I take the time to enjoy them. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the hussle and bussle of the holidays...we often forget that. Seeing the look on Tuck's face when he experienced the pile of leaves for the fisrt time was priceless. Something I will forever cherish!
Until next time,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Where to begin?

I have 3 men in my life....ALL are my joys! They make the world such a better place and teach me to be a better person everyday. I love that they challenge me and sometimes even bring out a little sassy side in me! Cooper is almost 4 (Jan) and Tucker just turned 1 (Oct)!

My challenge for myself is to keep up with the blog (I have techi difficulties) and to update it often!!! We will see how successful I am!

I will keep you all posted on my challenge! I know this will be a great experience and super fun!

Will write more later,