Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tuck...our little man

Oh....who am I kidding, he won't EVER play the name game! But he is so darn cute! Growing fast and doing funny things all the time. Here are a few pics and video to view for your pleasure! In the first video, watch at the end when Coop falls off his bed...we thought it was so funny!

Here is Tuck's new trick of climbing out of his crib! Scared me to death. He fell out of his crib and so now is in a big boy bed. Below is Coop taking a video of Tuck the monkey! There is also a cute pic of his new little bed....such a BIG boy!

One of my most favorite sounds it the boys laughing. Once they both get is so hard for them to start. Here is one of my favs of daddy making Tuck laugh