Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Fun and Super Heros!

We had the privilege to watch some of our friend's kids the other day! The kids of course had a fabulous time!

Fall has become my most FAVORITE season since we moved to TN! I love the colors, smells and sounds! Here are some of my favs (I wished I could say that I took these...but I actually got them off the internet..LOL):

Cooper loves to play dress up about 100 times a day! His most favorite is any kind of superhero! Here are Coop and his buddy Zach saving the day!

Oh to be a Superhero! I often wonder if I did have a Superhero's powers, what would I want for power? I think I would pick 2.....if possible. I would want to be able to fly, so that I could easily see all of my amazing family and friends that live far away! Or...to slow time down! I especially want this power many times during the day with my kids (some days I would like to speed up time when they are having a rough day, and want daddy to hurry home from work...LOL). But in all honesty, they are doing such fun things, have such an innocence, enjoy the littelest things in life, and are just SO darn cute! To capture that moment for just a LITTLE bit longer would be an awesome power as a parent!

What would you pick for your Superhero power?

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