Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maskless Vader and Halloween Treats

Coop had his Halloween Party at school yesterday and got to wear his costume! He is Darth Vader this year! A rule that the school has is no masks allowed at school! I totally understand the rule, but super hard for a 4 year old to understand when he is SO excited about Halloween!
This was Coop's face when I walked into his class! I got so choked up, because we all thought I would have to miss. The party was the same time as Tuck's therapy! Thankfully a great friend of mine sat at therapy for an hour while I had some TREATS with Coop!

We have had a great time making some Halloween crafts/goodies! I will say that I don't have any original creativity! I am really good at attempting to copy other people's craftiness!
These are homemade pumkin playdoh that we made for the kid's TREATS for their friends at school! I got this idea and the kitchen print out idea from my friend Ashley! She is one of the most creative people...I have NEVER met! Ha! Just a friend I know through blogging that was introduced to me thru my dear friend Kim. You should check out her blog! She has
creativity billowing out of her ears!

Another one of my favorite places to get my creativity is from This site is AMAZING and bursting with ideas about crafts, love, cleaning, etc! These ladies are awesome! The kind you want to be friends with! HA! They made these cute little mummy cookies, so we thought they looked yummy and fun to make! I think they turned out great!

Last but not least, I am all about a cheap way to decorate for the holidays! I got a dinged up frame from Hobby Lobby at 66% off (I try to find one with a little hiccup to get the extra discount...he he he). I think I payed a total of $2.80 for the frame. Then I got this FREE downloadable from and VOILA! An inexpensive Halloween decoration! Super cute!
What fun crafts/goodies did you make this Halloween?

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