Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

We started the day off with some fun! The boys were SO excited you would have thought that they woke up and ate candy for BREAKFAST! We played a little inside and a little outside! Notice the boys have different clothes on? We ususally have about 5 wardrobe changes a day (thanks to poop, pee, boogers, shmutz on our clothes from food, or playing in the matter what the temp is outside).

Time for our costumes and Trick or Treating couldn't come fast enough! But, finally it had arrived. Our evil Darth Vader and adorable Fireman couldn't wait to Tee Tee Tee (Tuck's version of Trick or Treat....totally melted my heart).

It was another successful fun year at Halloween! My hips are thanking me today for the generous amount of chocolate I gave them yesterday! I hope you had a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Jenni said...

Hi Amanda!! Cute blog girl!! Regarding your question... some people use certain tools that other bloggers can leave their link through, but I just ask my readers to leave their link right in a comment, like you did. If you ever write a List of Ten Tuesday post, just drop me a comment on mine and leave the link to your post, that way I or my other readers can easily click it!!

Hope that helps!