Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkeys and Doctors

Coop had such a fun day at school today. It was their Thanksgiving Day Feast (party). We were in charge of bringing the treats. He was so proud of the Turkey cookies he made for the party. It was a lot of fun. My first attempt at making the cookies didn't turn out so great! As Cooper put it "Mommy, THAT doesn't look anything like a Turkey"! Ha....thanks Cooper. So.....I tied on my apron and began to perfect my Turkey Cookie making skills. By our 3rd cookie, Cooper showed me the way.....and gave me his stamp of approval.

Poor Tuck is sick...AGAIN! We are on this perpetual hampster wheel of sickness it seems. He woke up this morning with 103.1 temp. YIKES....he was on fire. So I took him to the doctor and thankfully he tested negative for everything. So..he has some yucky virus that has to just run it's course. This pic of him says it all....PATHETIC!

Will write again soon,

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