Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Squeaky Clean

One of the boys' favorite past times is being in the bath tub. They would stay in there all day if I let them. They are really getting to an age where they play so cute together. They love to splash one another, except if Cooper gets water in his eyes......he goes into histeria. Tucker of course thinks it is hilarious when Coop is crying.....which in turn puts me into stitches.

They really are such great buddies! Their faces light up the instant the other walks into a room. Tucker can't wait to get Coop picked up from school. He squeals with delight as soon as we walk into his classroom! They really are such little miracles and give me so much joy......on some occasions they have been known to give me a heartattack.....but when it is all said and done.....they are MY ANGELS!

The latest funny Cooper moment:

We had just loaded up our car with the groceries and were taking our cart back. Having both kids with me...I never seem to do anything quick. So I was of course taking my time returning the cart and getting them out. Unbeknownst to me, a sweet elderly man was patiently waiting behind me. When I saw him I said "Oh, excuse us!" Cooper is in a phase where he likes to mimic everything you say or do. So he misunderstood what I said and looks at the man and says, "OH JESUS"! I don't think the man heard what Cooper said, but I got my daily giggles from Coop!

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