Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots and Lots of.........

catching up to do! Happy Happy New Year! Even though it is 2010, I have tons that I need to post about that happened in 2009. The holidays got me SO behind....I need to catch you up to speed. So please forgive me for my random thoughts. I have tons of them flowing! While we were in Texas, we got to see some very dear friends! All of these people and their kids are SO important to our family! We had the best time catching up with everyone. I have been friends with Erin and Jen since middle school! Crazy that we still talk as often as we do...just like old times. The super cute redhead that Tucker is hugging to death is my adorable Godson, Sawyer! It was so wonderful to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Cooper was so thrilled to see his best buddy Jack. They had the best time playing around and being boys! Boys To Men said it best...."It's so harrrddddd, to saaayyyyy yesterdayyyyyyy"! Definitely didn't want to say goodbye to anyone.

These moms have meant so much to me growing up also! My mom is on the far bestest friend in the ENTIRE world! Mrs. Cosgrove in the middle, my sweet friend Erin's mom, is one of the kindest people I know. Cindy, on the right, is like another mother to me. She is my dear friend , Jen's mom, and she lived here in Nashville with us for a while. It was so nice having her here with us. She took good care of us and was such a great "Cici" to my boys! We love all of you dearly and you will ALWAYS be a part of our lives!

I have tons more to catch you up on, but have to organize those thoughts. So please forgive me for the many many posts today!

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