Friday, January 1, 2010

Funny Pic

Cooper asked me the other day to draw a pic of mommy and daddy. I am not a good artists at I drew stick figures. I gave the Doodler back to Cooper and he said, "Good Job, Mommy. But you were missing one thing." Then he drew something on the Doodler and handed it back to me. Cooper then said, "You forgot to draw boobies on I did it for you." Hilarious...I love the placement of both of them and that he thought daddy needed boobs. Not really sure what Chris thinks about his man boobs!

Cooper always seems to know how to make me laugh. I love it!

Until later,


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Anonymous said...

omg, it's like this client that brought his dog in and he asked the vet:"what's that?" (graciously pointing at his male dog's nipple...) Vet said, "well that's his nipple..." The man was so surprised as to why his MALE dog had nipples and the vet told him "well, you're a man, don't you have nipples?"

just priceless...