Friday, January 1, 2010

Projects and Coop's Camera Skills

I did a few projects in December. A friend of mine had a baby and they named her Anna. They didn't know they were having a little girl, so when she arrived, they didn't have many decorations for her room. So, I decided I would try and paint a pic with her name on it to hang in her room.
Cooper and I made some initial ornaments for some friends of ours as Christmas gifts (Thanks Kelly from Kelly's Korner. Such great ideas). We had a great time making them!


Cooper decided that he wanted to use our camera and take some pics. He actually is pretty good with the lens. So I gave him our camera and let him take some shots. This is one that he came back with....that left us in stitches!

I don't think I need a reminder of what Mazzy's (our black lab) butt looks like! Thanks Cooper!

Until our next funny moment,

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